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All our fabrics are made in the USA.

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Our History

Empty Spool is a family-owned business in the heart of Kansas that has come from generations of quilters. Judith Wade is the primary quilter today along with her son who has many craft skills of his own. Quilting is our family legacy. Judith's grandmother handmade this quilt many years ago, so in her honor, we are continuing the legacy. Judith maintains the same sense of quality and detail with each quilt she makes.

  • Patterns are 1-1/2 cents a sq. in. Patterns with * are 2 cents a sq. in.

    Size Codes: A=4" B=5" C=6" D=7" E=8" F=9" G=10" H=11" J=12" K=13" L=14" M=15" N=16" P=17" R=18"

We offer the following Services, options, & Prices



"edge to edge" quilting with a continious-line pattern.  ( 1-1/2 cents a square inch, some patterns are 2 cents. )

All over

Hand-guided "Free Motion" quilting over the entire surface of the quilt, such as stippling or meandering. ( 2 cents a square inch. )


Custom quilting is planned specifically for a designed quilt top to compliment and enhance the pattern design. It utilizes up to two techniques in the body of the quilt. "stippling, meandering, outlining" plus one border design.  (Pricing is based on the size of the quilt top and complexity of design, charges may vary depending on the on quilting desired. (Call for a quote.)


"By hand only" straight or bias.  ( $2.00 per linear foot. )


108 in "If purchased from us" polyester low loft ( $7.00 yd. )


108 in "If purchased from us".   ($ 9.50 a yard ) 


Sewing "on customer provided material" on top or backing ( $5.00 per seam. )


"Turning for borders"   ( $50.00 per quilt. )

Rush Orders

( $60.00 per quilt. )

  • Customer Requested Services

    Please call us or email for prices on any of your custom quilting needs not listed above.