• Applique

    A decoration formed with pieces cut from various materials and sewn on a background material.

  • Backing

    The back of the quilt using cotton fabric or unbleached muslin.

  • Batt or Batting

    The middle layer between the top and back of the quilt, usually cotton or a synthetic blend.

  • Binding

    The material used to finish the edges of the quilt, this is the final step.

  • Block

    A quilt is divided into sections (blocks) each a complete pattern. Usually a square, rectangle, or hexagon, a block can be any size and have many pieces.

  • Border

    The fabric around the the quilt. The border can be decorated using quilted, patchwork or appliqued designs that complement  the quilt.

  • Comforter

    A quilt of one color, top and back of unpieced fabric quilted in simple or elaborate designs, comforter is used to refer to factory made.

  • Coverlet

    A quilt large enough to cover the bed without covering pillows or hanging over the edge of the bed.

  • Crazy quilt

    A design using irregular sizes, colors and textures of fabric fitted together like a puzzle.

  • Dividers

    Strips of fabric between the blocks to join them together to make the quilt top.

  • Hexagonal patchwork

    A six sided block sewn together on all edges. Care must be taken that corners are sharp and side seams are straight.

  • Longarm

    The machine used to sew the layers of the quilt together.

  • Meandering

    Free motion straight stitching done in a curvy, puzzle like pattern.

  • Mitering

    When binding a quilt the corners have a seam from the inside corner to the outside corner creating a 90 degree corner.

  • Pantograph

    A design printed on paper with one or two rows followed by the longarm machine.

  • Patch

    This can mean a block, the process of piecing the quilt together or applique.

  • Patchwork

    Designs made with small pieces of fabric sewn together, usually in the form of a block, can also refer to applique.

  • Setting together

    Sewing the blocks together to form the quilt top.

  • Stippling

    The same as meandering only smaller and closer together.

  • Template

    Used to draw patterns onto fabric, usually cardboard or plastic, to ensure size and shape so pieces fit together.

  • Throw

    An individual sized coverlet, normally used to cover a napping or resting person.